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. mcclove lynn and ian lee live in ukraine's capital city, kiev. this hour the white house trying to add to pressure on russia. president obama reaching out to allies by phone one day after he spent 90 minutes on the phone with the russian president vladimir putin. u.s. correspondent michelle kosinski joins us now. michigan, the white house, what is the mood? what are they saying? >> it has been a busy weekend. president obama has been actively working on this today. he's been briefed by his security team. as you mentioned, later on he'll take calls with allies. the uk, poland and lithuania. earlier today, secretary of state john kerry making the rounds doing interviews and using very strong words. yesterday he called russia's actions an invasion, occupation. today an incredible brazen act of aggression. he said these are not the actions of a g-8 nation. if it persists, other nations won't participate in the g-8 meeting in russia. some lawmakers have been calling for a stronger response because already we've seen the u.s., canada and now the uk pull out of the preliminary meetings
in from of crying is kept so it seemed broken. i really liked and that the saudi ukraine's capital kiev. it was so calm and cranny has now become the major focus of the cranes ongoing crisis. what's really the situation that howl on people than reacting. well here on the ground and simply awful the regional capital all strike me a better note longer than this the soldiers identified by but ukraine's government on the us as russian soldiers outside apartment building however the hall still widespread reports of russian soldiers throughout the crimea region communication senses the tv station but various places and at polls throughout the region of these reports as well they have the disarming ukrainian forces as well. except watch them. president obama the cold frozen fruit in. he accused im all for a while to get snacks awarded how big those trips that we will set of reports of russian warships. now i can reach an agreement with this apostle paul. a naval base in around the wall says of crimea ukraine ukrainian governments are warning people to beware of publications russian forces with
of the ukraine, kiev, those who demonstrated to get the president out last week, tilting toward the eu. >> turning to the afghanistan, your son is serving a fifth tour in afghanistan, general dempsey there, making some, i thought, exceptional remarks today, talking about the importance of u.s. forces in afghanistan, the strategic importance, even as his commander in chief, you know, halfway around the world, is saying get ready for the zero tion, this is peculiar language for general dempsey, is it not? it is, lou. i feel for all of those mennd womeover there who are still engaged in the fight and they're living in this edge of uncertainty. particularly what general desey said about the possibility of afghan forces siding with taliban and turning on our people. these are difficult things for them to be hearing. lot of talk in washington about when the new president gets in afghanistan, we'll be able to keep our people there, a security arrangement, i'm not sure what this white house wants. this president wants t get all of our people out of afghanistan. i think we're going to pay the p
no need to be undermined by the interim government in kiev. it remains least one place in ukraine when it's too distracting. ukraine's suffering and thomas region of crying me and recognized night the kids new monsters in all the noise. andy reid needs to do some good entries in fact the reinforcement instead. they had wanted to bring to bear pit am trying this unfair open as a conceit the building is surrounded by barricades and controlled ron paul so called people's yards and the day and night they say they're worried about the tax base is the outside on the other qb praying today. he's whose mission is unconvinced that he was to secure peace and respect each of the country's population on today in need of protection themselves people he has different backgrounds and from different and concludes that the share one common goal this is certainly where protection burke from the army of thugs who came to power as a result of the current crew. they're controlling the puppet government that issue decrees that gum points including his arm an instrument burgers with protecting their families. b
, al jazerra, kiev. >> ukraine's acting president is now urging vladimir putin to pull back his military, but the question now is will russia listen? rory is in moscow with more. it is a waiting game. vladimir putin has shown his hand. he has the mandate from the upper house of parliament to use military force if he so desires in ukraine. the big question is, will he use that mandate or does he feel that the threat of military force is enough for russia to reassert its influence in ukraine? overnight, the phone lines were absolutely humming here with high-level conversations. vladimir putin spoke to program, hbarackobama, he spoke to man kn the secretary general of the united nations and spoke to the french president n all of those conversations he made exactly the same point that russia was prepared to protect it's a citizens, its fellow russians in crimea and also protect the black sea fleet if violence escalates there. >> that was al jazerra's rory reporting from moscow. meanwhile there was conflict in st. petersburg where demonstrators crashed over putin's request to use for
elsewhere in ukraine. >> tim, for the most many thanks, testimony friend live in kiev. >>> china's news agency says separatist carried out a coordinated knife attack at a train station in the southwest of the country. it is a mainly muslim area in china's far west home to the ethnic group that wants independence from beijing, 33 people killed, more than within hundred injured when up to 10 mena taxed commuters at random. al jazerra's rob mcbride has more. >> reporter: as police continue looking for anyone else connected with at tack, people in china have been coming to terms with the scale and horror of the assault. according to eyewitnesses the dang started attacking passengers at random with knives, sending crowds fleeing in panic. >> translator: when i came here i felt that something was wrong i followed everyone and ran to that side. the attackers were stabbing whomever they saw. >> reporter: thousands of internet users have been expressing their outrage on social media and up loading images of security around the station in the aftermath of the attack. the authorities have promised
. >> reporter: then came ukraine. after revolution in kiev, russian tanks, choppers and troops moved into crimea. an older, darker image of russian power. but putin has done this before. 2008, russian troops invade the neighboring nation of georgia. he claims he is defending ethnic russians there. the same rationale for the move in ukraine. the u.s. and oourn european allies object, but six years later, russian troops remain in georgia. and now he is telling the world he is willing to use military force in ukraine and risk a conflict with the u.s. and the west. >> we are on the edge of the not cold war, but we're on the edge. >> reporter: here's why. ukraine is divided. kiev and the rest of the country yearn to join europe and the u.s. and forge a different future. while in crimea and the east where so many ethnic russians live, they look to moscow. and they have used crimea as a major russian naval base for 200 years. on friday, obama tried to send his own message to putin. >> there'll be costs for military intervention in ukraine. >> reporter: hours later, russian troops were on the move and p
. in kiev, where there has been bloodshed people express their allegiance to ukraine, and their defines of russia. it's fighting rhetoric, and for now it still is only talk. parliament has been meeting in emergency session. afterwards the prime minister said russia had brought them to the brink of disaster. >> this is not the threat. this is actually the declaration of war to my country. and we urge president vladimir putin to pull back his military and to stick to the international obligations and bilateral and mild to lateral agreements that were signed between ukraine and russia. >> the army has opened recruiting stations across the country. there are nine in the capital alone. at this office or the outskirts men were waiting outside before the doors opened. >> people have been responding enthusiastically to the call to mobilise. here there are young men, older men, people with military experience, people without military experience, but you still want to take part. we have visited a total of three stations in and around kiev and in the first few hours several hundred people enlisted
with us. now to kiev - ukraine's acting president has put forces on full alert. ier -- we are live to independence square, with nick schifrin. how nervous are ukraine's leaders at this point. >> ukraine's leaders are very nervous. they have been on the job for 48 hours and are dealing with a maimer security crisis they were trying to deal with the economy. this is what they have to deal with. the president or acting president not only put his forces on high alert. he stepped up security at airports and security plants. we heard the prime minister discussing military intervention. they are warning soldiers to step back into bases. they are warnings echoed, include ag tatiana chernobyl, she said she wants diplomacy to work, but they feel there's no choice. >> translation: there's no diplomacy with vladimir putin. russia spread information to make georgia the enemy. they stole part of georgia. with putin and viktor yanukovych, there can be no diplomacy. we have no choice but to defend the country ourselves. >> so clearly the government here are worried, using aggress if language, are
: the worry evident in their voices and their faces for their loved ones still in ukraine. tooliana's family lives in kiev. >> i was talking to my parents the whole time while they were protesting and my parents were go to protest. >> reporter: this protest is her way of supporting them. >> they're okay. they went to a couple protests and -- but nothing happened to them. i was very thankful for that. >> reporter: today's protest was started by a group. lara is one of the organizers. >> speak withing them this morning, they're scared. they are keeping an eye out on everything that's going on. and they're scared for their children as well. >> reporter: she has followed closely the violence in kiev and as russia proves military involvement in ukraine, the threat became even more real to lara. the ukrainian population in the dc area has banded together sending up this memorial and holding fundraisers throughout the city. today will be one of many until, they say, actiona is taken. >> we're praying and hoping there's a diplomatic solution to this. >> reporter: tomorrow they will be set up at the
in ukraine. the head of the international findsry said that he pledged to send a team to key of -- kiev to establish how much aid they need. she later met with john kerry. he appealed directly to russia. the russian parliament later approved the use of military force in crimea. >> antigovernment protests could continue throughout the week in venezuela. there are daily reports of violence. a man was shot dead friday in clashes with lisa in caracas. -- police in caracas. students and opposition supporters have been venting their anger over high inflation and a shortage of basic goods in the country. the president held a called peace meetings this week. members of the opposition were largely absent. they have refused to enter dialogue until demonstrators are released were being held in jail. they expect the prime minister to stop the harsh crackdown on the protest movement. >> also on friday, over 200 african migrants broke into the spanish enclave. they reached european union territory. they made by dealing a heavily guarded and that separates the territory from africa. it was one of the
's crisis moved from kiev to crimea. russia is preparing for a military intervention and ukraine's interim government has started to mobilise troops and has called up reservists. diplomats met for a special session on saturday. the u.s. is calling on the u.n. to send observers. president obama called the russian vladimir putin asking him to pull back the troops but russia is not bundling. jennifer glasse has more of that storey from crimea. >> jubilation, "the russians are coming." as moscow endorsed the use of force, ethnic russians took to the streets, like ena and her family. supporting the russian flag. they are her protectors. they are just here to guarantee safety. >> beneath the statue of communist leader lenin russian and soviet military flags. the bond was close. crimea was part of the russia until 1954. they have a pro-russian prime minister, who moved to take control. >> translation: i have decided to temporarily take command of all national forces - the interior ministry, armed force, navy. all supports take orders from me only. those with trouble, resign. >> translation: it's
in ukraine. a staboff continues in the crimea region and now a top u.s. official is headed to kiev. >>> hundred of arrests outside the >>> there have been some fast moving developments in the ukraine. john kerry will travel to kiev to meet with officials. the prime minister said his country is on the brink of disaster. russia continues on move troops into the crimean region. earlier today, kerry said vladimir putin had nothing to gain and everything to lose by staying the course. >> russia is going to lose. the russian people are going to lose. he will lose all the glow that came out of the olympics. his $60 billion extravaganza. he is not going to have a sochi g-8. he may not even remain in the g-8. >> late today president putin accepted a dialogue. meanwhile about 40 people were arrested there. >>> it started peacefully but ended with several arrests. a group of mostly college students participated in a march today to protest the proposed key stone oil pipeline. they marched from georgetown university all the way to the white house. police moved in and arrested a couple hundred o
a combat ready ukraine? >> that's the fear if kiev, and the latest from here is that the head of the state security and defense counsel has just emerged from a closed-door session of parliament to give a press conference in which he announced all reservists in ukraine are being called up. they are being mobilized and told to gather. he then said that the regular forces were on the highest level of combat alert, and he said that they had agreed to protect key installations. among these are nuclear plants, nuclear energy plants, which now will have increased security as a result of events down in the south in crimea. of course, there's also been incidents in the east of the country where there is equally a pro russian sympathy movement which has been attacking pro european so they are the key points from the press conference, from the head of security here in kiev. interestingly in his list, number two, is simply marked secret. >> very briefly, you mentioned unrest. i wondered if there were any obvious signs that unrest against the new interim government in kiev is spreading from the crimea
, but if you believe ministers in kiev, it could be very close. ukraine says russia has declared war and the countries are on the brink of disaster all because of whoo kiev does business with and unrest in crimea. western countries are pulling out of talks ahead of the g.a. summit in the russian city of sochi in june. >> we have to recognize the sovereignty and territorial integrity of ukraine has been violated, and this cannot be the way to conduct international affairs, and so in addition to calling yelled's emergency meeting of the u.n. security council, the united kingdom will join our g8 countries this week and suspending our cooperation under the g8, which russia chairs this year, including the preparation meetings this week for the preparation of the g8 summit. >> meanwhile, ukraine's military says he's calling up military reserve forces and wants them to be cam both ready as soon as possible. there are increasing reports of activity by unidentified gunmen and russian troops in crimea, including at a ukrainian base. there's a standoff between militia men and soldiers. they are
black, ian lee is in kiev, the capital of ukraine. we are going to fir start with the white house, with michelle. white house rallying allies to its side, try to is late president putin, try to push him so perhaps he'll reverse his positi position. is there any sense the white house feels they are succeeding? >> we're not getting that sense. we're not hearing from the white house today. it was made very clear what was talked about in these discussions that started yesterday. first president obama spoke to the leaders of canada and france saying we know he's going to speak to the uk and others. we should get a summary or read out of those calls later today after those happen. for what was discussed yesterday, want to reinforce the u.s. statements that a violation of ukraine's sovereignty is unacceptable. to talk about working together, not only organize response in the form of maybe even sanctions together but also to work together and how these nations might support ukraine. deb. >> so john kerry spoke today saying russia cannot get away with this. is that, i suppose, short of the
in the ukraine. kiev anongers went into showed up there, as they have done in libya,, iraq, and afghanistan. host: carol has this point. words, words, words. andan be deeply disturbed conserved, do we really think that putin cares? david kramer is a veteran of the george w. bush administration. he wrote this piece in the opinion section of the washington post called u.s. foreign policy comes home to roost. he says the president faces the greatest challenge in figuring out how to respond to russia's invasion of the ukraine. hishe response will define two terms in office as well as determine the future of ukraine, russia, and u.s. standing in the world. he says that among the things they can do is impose sanctions against russian state owned banks and financial institutions. also, terminate negotiations with russia on trade agreements or promoting businesses, and calling an emergency nato meeting. that is from david kramer and the washington post. next is herb from kansas. caller: good morning. host: how are you? caller: good. it has been about 10 years. host: why so long? caller: have not been abl
. may have to go to military centers around kiev and ukraine and report for duty, fighting men under 40 years old. we haven't seen, doesn't feel like this area itself is under threat, there's no military presence at the airport or around the square or on the roads. but the real concern is around the eastern border along the boarder with russia where you have a lot of russian speaking peoplea lots of russian loyalties. and the concern whether russian troops will advance in those areas, more importantly ukrainian forces can do at anything to defend against that. >> schieffer: all right. charlie, thank you so much. cbs news foreign correspondent, laura palmer is in southern ukraine and in route to the crimea region. >> thousands of russian troops are standing out over the crimean peninsula taking control. they're uniformed and they are setting up strategic location. many were based in the time i can't anyway with the russian black sea fleet on lease agreement with the ukraine. they left the bases and out on active duty. also appears some hounds of soldiers have been brought in from elsewh
. >>> hello, i am jillian mcdonald in london i'll have more on the crisis over crimea as ministers in kiev declare a generally mobilization, we'll be looking at how ukraine's military compares to the might of russia's armed forces. >> more than 30 people stabbed to death at a railway station in china. but just who was behind the rampage. and what's behind the mask? we'll reveal the serious business behind the fun of the venice carv cash that carnival. ♪ ♪ >>> it's a declaration of war and both countries are are the brink of disaster, that's the view from ukraine on the increase in pro russian forces that are appearing in its crimea region. nato, the u.s., and e.u. are calling for moscow to back down, some countries are pulling out of talks ahead of the g8 summit in russia in june. our reporters are standing by on the story, tim friend is liver for us in the ukrainian capital of kiev. rory challands will have the moscow and robin forester-walker is in the capital of crimea. where pro russian forces are continuing their build up. but first let's get this report from lawrence lee on the d
. while crimea authorities were all schemes to help the head of ukraine's nash is eager to write in kiev who reach out to notorious chechen terrorists he said dr martin touching him and his medicines to step out of bed again smoke shack don't mind the need of the church in a businessman and has made his goal to composite ensure react. i kind of faith than diesel tony considered russia's of some of the nonsense is also classified as the muscle that i was fine and mary pat maher was behind dozens of dead at times as many as the most intimate and as for the bombings free sample and tonics on the ventura morning tv rights act is as god has led the key of riots shot a ball with islam if you excuse me and then struggle again structure. fan. the bailout santa has not been tainted victory to del mar from its facebook page and even sets them apart send a message but rather that its facebook page was hot and it was strange but that was the bass the truth or intends to save face and its relationship with a weston on his account discuss with that wild affair as the store and took us out not only fr
forces effectively control the peninsula that make up the southern portion of ukraine and it appear they are preparing an occupation. the u.s., european union and nato all say russia is violating international law. the question is what can they do about it. in pro western kiev what they are doing it protesting. tens of thousands gathered in the capit demonstrating against russia's action. we have learned tonight that secretary of state john kerry son his way to ukraine tomorrow. off the top tonight we have two reports from liz palmer in crimea in a moment. but first charlie d'agata in kiev. >> reporter: anger, outrage and fear fill kiev's independence square today. prime minister arseny yatsenyuk warned that russia's military intervention in crimea has brought ukraine to the brink of disaster. >> this is the red alert. this is not the threat. this is actually the declab0ion of war to my cry. >> reporter: the newly tomed government put the army on high alert and called on men of fighting age, hundreds of thousands of reservists to be ready to take up arms. thousands of demonstrators
of the ukraine there has been a lot of concern and particularly in crimea and we have seen the emergence of people of kiev with the intention of repeating what is in kiev, what has been happening in the western part of the ukraine. they want to replace the regional government. so that is a great concern in the eastern part of the country. especially in the republic of crimea. in these circumstances, the head of the ministers made statement and today this is referenced. i will quote the statement, in spite of the agreement that wags achieved by the central authorities, there cannot be a change of the security without the agreement of the council and the republic of crimea, the violation of the constitution and the violation of laws on the police yesterday, the 28th of february and the beginning of the police action has meant that in this interim with -- with the people that are there that are trying to control the situation in the territory because of the situation there has been disorder and with use of weapons. so then the statement i will quote now that was issued today by the minister
in this game. russia hats boots hats boots on the ground ukraine is not member of the nato. um i think it only. washington does not have any sort of leverage in moscow but they have a lot of leverage in the kiev because of all those new politicians think if they are supported by. one thing very strongly. so what i think what she can shoot you right now is just talked to the government and kids and tell them well maybe it wasn't very smart to have no politician from the eastern part of it are you crying in the new government think it made meatballs also not very wise the russian line which is not the only moment of the lion witch and the apprentice some mistakes and before that the shrimp on top of some of the ambassador to the gym i'm in support of chris was here watch the congested two days ago he said that that the new government the team made a couple mistakes and i think that we should use all influenced who we are meaning western europe and also the last two on top with the government can keep it open and tell them that they should erectus six high tech specs thank you for that update fro
of protesters take to the streets in kiev. you can hear the cheers as ukraine's prime minister mobilizes the country's military, urging president putin to pull back his troops. there is no sign of that. good morning, everyone. great to have you here in america's news headquarters. >> ukraine calls russia's invasion a declaration of war. this is the u.s. all urging russia to end the blockade and pull out. there seems to be very little at this point. any leader can change the mind of vladimir putin and end the growing crisis that echoes the soviet invasion of the cold war. live via skype on the peninsula, jessica, what is the latest for you on the ukrainian base that has been taken over? >> reporter: we are hearing that is correct. one of the ukraine's infantry bases was surrounded by hundreds of russian troop this is morning. they captured the base and the ukrainian soldiers were not allowed to enter or leave. we are understanding that hundreds of other russian troops are now in the capital here. other news coming in that the ukrainian coast guard moved the ships from the ports here to th
home in some way, shape, and that is it's clearly unstable in ukraine right now, both in kiev, clearly in crimea. what is that to the united states? >> i think it's very serious because if you have -- the first time really since the end of the cold war you have troops potentially moving on the borders of europe, nato is getting involved, at least discussing, looking very carefully, i think it's highly dangerous. it's a dramatic situation when you actually have armed forces. it did happen in georgia, but georgia was kind of different. here we are, right on the borders of europe. and i think, candy, you know, we have to -- john and i were ta talking about this before. we have to ask ourselves where president putin is going. a rational actor who would seem to have an interest in not having this escalate, but at the same time he is escalating it. why? and it would appear to me that we're kind of moving toward a conclusion that i hate to draw, but is that he really doesn't care, doesn't care very much what the united states does, doesn't care what europe thinks, he doesn't really think that
. it has essentially detached crimea from the ukraine government's control. what remains unclear what vladimir putin wants to do with it, incorporate it into russia, use it as leverage to negotiate a deal with kiev, both? in any event, washington's response should be clear and forceful. russia has violated all kinds of laws and norms, including most crucially a treaty that it signed with ukraine guaranteeing that country's borders in return for which ukraine gave up its nuclear weapons. for washington, for americans, really for people around the world, it would be a terrible mess dent to allow issues like these to be resolved not by negotiations or diplomacy but by force. if russia can detach parts of neighboring countries with impunity, won't other great powers like china, decide that they, too, can act in similar ways. so what can be done? for starters, president obama should cancel entirely his attendance at the g-8 summit to be held in sochi in june. he should try to persuade the other major powers to follow suit. russia's membership in the g-8 should be suspended. the g-8 was cre
in the ukraine asked the u.n. to intervene. the british foreign secretary is traveling to kiev tomorrow. >>> new tonight, so-called revenge porn is just one step closer to being outlawed in virginia. lawmakers passed a bill making distribution illegal. revenge porn is when someone maliciously posts photos of a former lover online simply to embarrass them. the maryland house of delegates approved a bill earlier this week, and in maryland you could get up to two years in prison and a $500 fine. >>> the d.c. latino caucus is endorsing vincent gray in his re-election bid. he won a land slide straw poll earlier today. the yurnlt mayor picked up 85% of the votes. the challengers tied in a distant secd with 5% apiece. we're only a month away now from the prim into cardiac arrest across the street from a firehouse and the rookie firefighter should have known he could have helped him. he says the cadet was properly trained that. firefighter told investigators no one had told him what to do if someone approaches the station needing help. the 77-year-old man who went into cardiac arrest died in january whe
with the number one cable network. say it. fox news. >> welcome, a live look this morning at kiev in ukraine. ukraine's prime minister says his country is on the brink of disaster, telling vladimir putin to pull back his troops and president obama urging the same thing on a 90 minute phone call. russian troops continue to move through the region wrechl live in washington with the very latest troop developments there. >> right now, unidentified gunmen are surrounding a military base in the ukraine and they are using that to block soldiers from leaving so there is a stand off but so far details are sketchy. officials have shut down their air space to all non-civilian aircraft and this follows the weekend when russian aircraft were seen flying right across the border. there were ground forces as well traveling in unmarked vehicles with license plates reportedly belonging to the russian military. yesterday president obama did speak to russian president putin for 90 minutes and the white house warned russia that they risk negatively impacting their standing with the international community and th
to him. how do they regain the credibility lost own the viktor yanukovych. we start in kiev. >> it was the kind of story over which tv producers sallivate. a young journalist falling in love with a policeman on the other side of the barricade. enter ukraine's most watched russian language channel owned by an oligarch aligned with viktor yanukovych, invited her on. if the producers hoped for a touching tail of reconciliation, they were in for disappointment. >> since the beginning, i believe that this is what you were expecting to hear about, isn't it. >> and at that point she says, "and for this reason i hate", and she lists is number of people in power. >> and then says, "and i hate inter for the lie that is you fold and the hatred that you spread." >> and she says that, "you, all of you, all of you journalists and presenters have blood on your hands." (clapping) >> we contacted inter multiple times for a response. none was forthcoming. it was one moment but it summarises what ukrainians have seen on their video channels over the three months of the demonstrations and the l
a measure of the influence of ukraine as a whole, at least to keep it a neutral, and have some say of the speaker in kiev. they would only take crimea as a last resort. the big question is what happens in eastern ukraine. that depends on both sides. you have local governments in power which supported the last ukrainian administration. if the new government in kiev, or the militias move to overthrow, then russia will react militarily. if russia moves in to support, then the ukrainian army will have to enact, then you will have war, whichever side begins it. >> do you predict that that could happen? >> i think it could very easily happen, but that's why the west does need to urge max minute restraint, but on both sides as well. remember, the government in kiev has taken some, to put it mildly, very unwise steps such as banning the official status of russian and other minority languages in ukraine. that is not reassuring to the russian speakers of eastern ukraine. nor is the fact that ukrainian politicians who have expressed i mean truly virulent hatred of russians, not just russia, a
is on the side of the government in kiev. my question to you is, okay, it's a declaration of war by russia. let's accept that that is what those movement of russian troops over the border has been. now what? because if ukraine doesn't have the military forces to confront russia, who or what backs them off? >> first of all, we address to the guarantors of our security, territorial integrity the countries who are permanent members of the security council and who gave us guarantee under the so-called budapest agreement in 1994 to protect our territorial integrity. so yesterday on our appeal in the security council, the ambassador of united kingdom addressed all the guarantors to conduct immediate consultations as it is provisioned by the memorandum. >> but realistically, do you expect, mr. ambassador, that there will be any military help for ukraine in this confrontation, or are you looking for sort of a global effort at diplomacy? >> both. we are looking for -- to raise the world leaders and ask to stop this aggression when it is very first stage and until putin has not signed yet this decision o
home they began escalating tensions in ukraine there are reports coming in from the last hour at the interim government in kiev is calling up and military reservists. this after us present crop of aman has urged his russian counterpart letter written to dia escalate the crisis when the ninety minute telephone conversation between the leaders obama said that moscow has flouted international law by sending troops to ukraine. here's to two simple forces back to bases in crimea of the top came after russian parliament gave it to the green light to use the troops in the country of a moscow says no final decision has been made on whether the use of force meanwhile unidentified gunmen have solidified their control of the crimean peninsula. it continued to patrol the streets of such terrible. well that's the regional capital. paul saying cat said douglas herbert auntie some twenty five km outside the city near a major ukrainian military base that can cost to him and now for the latest outbreaks yes i let the petty probably a military base to ukrainian military base twenty five km sout
, and successful action in ukraine may send them higher. in kiev the people in maydan worry about where the revolution is taking them and western governments agonize over what to do next. >> we'll follow the event as they unfold. you can get the latest online at >> other news to report. china's state media blames a separatist group for a stabbing free. it happened in a southern city kunming. 33 were killed, and 130 others were hurt. a warning to the viewers, this piece contains graphic material. >> as police look for anyone connected with the attack people in china have been coming to terms with the scale and horror of the assault. according to eyewitnesss the gang started attacking passengers at random with knives, sending crowds fleeing. thousands of internet users expressed outrage on social media and uploading images of security in the aftermath of the attack. the authorities promised a swift response with the country's president ping saying those responsible will be brought to justice. the attack comes at a sensitive time, in a run-up to the national people's congres
showed the film to the square in kiev. the government of ukraine came and said they are against this film, tried to stop the film. all it did was just make people want to watch it more. a youth led movement around the world is going to say, we are going to write our own stories, we are going to be the authors of the future. and this will be the end of the government who continue this process. >> revolutions are defined as insurmountable, but the costs are often high. the shortly subject film, parama has no walls. the peaceful act in yemen that took 53 lives. the film the chilling. >> sara ishak directed the film. parama has no walls. sara, great to have you with us. i got to say i have never seen anything like this. you have cameras filming the peaceful protests as part of that country's arab spring. how these peaceful people started getting killed as they were sitting ducks. why did this happen? >> nobody knows why it happened. it came as a shock to everybody myself included which is why i really felt the need to make a film about it. the willingness of this cameraman to stay steadfast i
are preparing themselves for war. in kiev, where there has already been so much blood she had people expressed their a lean ants tallegiance to ukraine and defiance for russia. it's fighting red correct and for now still only talk. parliament has been meet in an emergency session, afterwards prime minister said russia had brought them to the brink of disaster. >> this is not a threat. this is actually.declaration of war to my country. and we urge president putin to pull back his military and to stick to the international obligations and bilateral and milateral agreements that were signed between ukraine and russia. >> reporter: the army has opened recruiting stations across the country. there are nine in the capital alone. this office on the outskirts of kiev men were waiting outside even before the doors opened. people have been responding enthusiastically to the call to mobilize. here there are young men, there are older men, people with military experience, people without any military experience at all. but who still want to take part. we have visited a total of three stations in and around
the city hall. much of the population opposed the take over the government in kiev. and in kiev. former opposition leader now presidential candidate vitale klischko appealed for calm. >> translator: i edge everybody no provocations, no calls for accept tim. no violence, no anarchy, legal and democratic authorities are formed in ukraine now, all that love their country have to show their patriotism and unity. >> reporter: at a military airport a possible worrying sign of things to come. men in cash name came and damaged ukrainian communications equipment. the men you have taken over the airports this week they are crimean riot police, intelligence forces, security personnel and some officers of russia's black sea fleita cord to go crimea deputy mime minister but there are tatars here wintering what russian boots on the ground here will mean for their future and what is still at least for now ukraine. >> that's jennifer glasse reporting from ukraine. now to moscow where all eyes are on the kremlin as phil ittner explains there is great concern over the power parliament has now handed to r
a decent start on. it then sets comes thick and shops to ukraine in recent days after weeks of protests and opposition to cap a pow in the capital kiev last week. six am attending two was the president until a few days ago took flight this development so welcomed by many people particularly in the west of the country in cities like of it. and in any edition of their games and movie ticket that instant you help us loads of protest is what regularly travel to kiev while the predominant feeling in the event is not one of hope. many also see links to daddy to sit back and relax. then by night since the revolution the city has been without a police courts. hundreds of people have volunteered to patrol the streets from their cars. b is one of them i have been doing it for six days i started off in kiev but then i returned to my hometown because i wanted to do something for the beach there's six hundred drivers out every night and won't be long before there are thousand of us. slogans such as ukraine starts with you in sleeves don't go to paradise. hang on the door of the volunteer citizen pat
to ukraine in recent days after weeks of protests and opposition to cap a pow in the capital kiev last week six
with the intention of repeating what is in kiev, what has been happening in the western part of the ukraine. they want to replace the regional government. so that is a great concern in the eastern part of the country. especially in the republic of crimea. in these circumstances, the head of the ministers made statement and today this is referenced. i will quote the statement, in spite of the agreement that wags achieved by the central authorities, there cannot be a change of the security without the agreement of the council and the republic of crimea, the violation of the constitution and the violation of laws on the police yesterday, the 28th of february and the beginning of the police action has meant that in this interim with -- with the people that are there that are trying to control the situation in the territory because of the situation there has been disorder and with use of weapons. so then the statement i will quote now that was issued today by the minister of foreign affairs in russia, on the night of march 1st, some unknown people sent from kiev made attempts to take over the mi
exercises were underway ominously. for ukraine's new prime minister, it was all too much. >> we are on the brink of the disaster. >> reporter: in kiev, the ukrainian government put its military on high alert and mobilized its forces for war. but russia now totally controls this key part of ukraine, the crimean peninsula, where there is strong popular support for russia and where the russian navy has based ships for two centuries. some of the local pro-russian forces took over government buildings and trashed them. at nato headquarters in brussels, a sharp demand. >> russia must stop its military activities and its threats. >> reporter: but at the privoinoye ukrainian military base here in crimea, that wasn't happening. hundreds of russian soldiers surrounded the base in utter silence. why are you here? just a few feet away behind the gate ukrainian soldiers. the russian forces have demanded that they surrender their weapons. they've rus you'll stay here? no comment. but the wife of one of the ukrainian soldiers now trapped in this eerie standoff, she is desperate. [ speaking a f
bordering poland there. here 50-75% where kieve the capitol is where this all started. he was put in place there. in that area a strange stand off took place with ukraine yian an russian troops. here is the story. >> reporter: god save your people these women sing outside the gates. protect us with your cross. inside the troops have vowed never to surrender to the hundreds of other troops without insignia but russian marines deployed outside. tells me they say they are here to protect us but who will they protect us from? no one has attacked us. under the soviet union it was part of russia until it was handed over to the ukraine part of the soviet union as the symbol of the fraternal ties between russia and the ukraine. those ties almost now without repair. 67-year-old former soldier insists crimea is russian and should return. >> logically, crimea should be part of russia. we have all of the elements here for a tense stand off. the soldiers here for instance don't have ammunition in their weapons, we have opponents and supporters, there has been a lot of talk but not any action. further a
by the nato ukraine commission. that meeting taking place at the behest of ukrainian officials. the commission was formed in 1997 with the aim of strengthening military inside the ukraine as well as improving ties between kiev and western europe. now many people see the involvement of nato as inherently provocative. others saying that nato cannot afford to idly stand by and watch this unfold without at least exploring options. rasmussen in calling today's meeting -- rasmussen in calling today's meeting, at least appearing to agree with the latter sentiment, though whether or not this removes beyond rhetoric remains to be seen. william hague moving the united kingdom beyond rhetoric and at the airport, heathrow airport, before taking off for the ukraine, he announced that the united kingdom will no longer be taking part in preparations for the g-8 summit that is scheduled for sochi in russia. jim? >> undoubtedly difficult conversations going there the brussels. reminder to our viewers military options at least at this point have been taken off the table. "reliable sources" starts in two minutes
. across the eastern ukraine thousands rally in a dozen cities against the carr government in kiev. western slogans and bound to fail and nationalist groups. what's the leader of the ukrainian far right group called for international terrorists still too much of a man responsible for terror attac
with russia. other issues that we're having basically across ukraine is, a lot of people in the eastern part of ukraine, are basically insupport of russia. and they're very afraid now with the new government that was installed last week in kiev. they say they're going to be persecuted. lots of demonstrations with that. and basically a lot of the russian foreign ministry is basically telling us that they're asking to migrate to russia. >> global tensions are hitting certainly a deeper pitch as united states and other powers urge russian president vladimir putin to pull back his military from ukraine. in an exclusive interview with fox news sunday, house intelligence chairman mike rogers said the united states is being outmaneuvered. >> i think putin is playing chess and we're playing ma ing . >> jim miller say pulitzer prize winning author and fox news contributor. lindsey graham says nobody takes president obama seriously he says, because he has made, you know, threats before. and hasn't followed through. is that true? >> well, he's extremely good at assessing weakness in someone who is oppo
's reminding kiev and reminding the west that vladimir putin can't be cut out of ukraine's future. and that he truly is prepared to use his facility anywhere in ukraine, if used to defend his interests. and that doesn't seem to worry him at all, this idea of consequences, for him not going or going to the g-8 or whoever comes to the g-8 doesn't seem to be a big issue. his larger goal, analysts tell us, is to bring ukraine into a kind of soviet economic union, something that would rival the eu. okay, that doesn't look very likely now that kiev is going pro-west, but they say putin still has enough influence in ukraine, just think of the natural gas taps that he controls, that he could really seriously handicap kiev's european ambitions. finally, in terms of what putin is likely to do next, he seems reluctant to send troops beyond crimea at this point and into other parts of ukraine, but harry, that could change at any time. he doesn't seem ready, either, to annex ukraine or large parts of it or launch a major intervention either, that would split ukraine apart. the people we talk to here are te
of a global struggle. we just showed the film in kiev. it spread and had incredible response. the government of ukraine came out publicly and said they are against this film. they knew it was a plot against the government, and tried to stop the film. it made people want to watch it more. around the world people are saying we're going to write our stories and be the authors of our future. >> revolutions are defined by courage and strength against the most insurmountable odds but the costs are often brutally high. that's the subject of the next documentary in our series, a short subject film called "karama has no walls." it took 53 lives, the footage is chilling. >> the director of the film joins us. "karama has no walls" is playing in select cities across the country with other short subject documentaries. great to have you with us. i've never seen anything like this. you had cameras filming these peaceful protests in yemen's capitol as part of that countr country's arab spring. you showed step by step how it started with fires and how these peaceful people were being killed like they were si
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